Allegiance Gold In Our Community

Our local community means the most to us, and over the years we have been privileged to give back to our amazing community here in West Hills.

verterans center chatsworth
veteran center visit

Veteran’s Center Visit In Chatsworth, California

Every Veteran's Day, we try to honor all of our Veteran clients and neighbors by acknowledging their commitment to this great country. We were glad we had the opportunity to visit the Veteran's Center in Chatsworth, California to learn more about their mission and work they do for all Veterans.

Yahoo Finance ArticleAllegiance Gold Visits Vet Center

Thanksgiving Food Drive For West Valley Food Pantry

The West Valley Food Pantry in West Hills, California, does some amazing work for all individuals and families in need. We were able to spend a day with them, and lend some help to the local community. Our amazing employees were also able to come together and donate multiple crates of food toward their organization.

Food Drive For West Valley Food Pantry
allegiance gold food drive
food drive west hills
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Allegiance Gold Visits West Hills Hospital

The year 2020, was a year that we all will never forget. A global pandemic, economic uncertainty, and a significant rise in inflation. The West Hills Hospital Emergency team treated many victims of COVID-19, and did it effortlessly from day and through the night. At Allegiance Gold, we recognized their commitment to excellence and wanted to treat them out to lunch as a gesture of their hard work and being amazing neighbors to us.

Yahoo Finance ArticleAllegiance Gold Visits West Hills Hospital