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Forge a Path to Prosperity

Diversify with the Timeless Allure of Precious Metals

Unearth the power of a tax-advantaged retirement account, structured to diversify your investments while leveraging the full potential of IRS-approved gold. Elevate your portfolio with this distinguished asset, and confidently secure your financial future.

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Four Pathways to Diversification


Known as the best hedge against economic instability and inflation, gold holds the highest value per ounce of all four precious metals – gold is the standard for a reason.


Platinum is a rare commodity with high industrial demand, making it challenging for the supply side to keep up – a recipe for untold potential growth.


At the most accessible price point, silver is a mainstay in the production of industrial goods.  With the largest market fluctuations, silver presents the best opportunity for short-term gains and long-term upside.


Lesser known but very valuable nonetheless, palladium is also in high demand across various industries and maintains a high value-to-density ratio.

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The Tangible Benefits of Physical Metals

Liquidate As Needed

There are no transaction timelines or limitations built into precious metals ownership. When you need cash, you can sell your bullion, and more often than not, make a profit when you do.

Avoid Account Fees

There are no ongoing fees associated with personal ownership of gold or precious metals, and no penalties for selling your bullion before a predetermined date.

Hedge Against Inflation

Gold and precious metals, whether in your personal safe or a third-party depository, historically has protected wealth against market crashes and economic collapse.

From Paper to Precious

Three Simple Steps to Acquiring Precious Metals

Step 1: Open A Custom Precious Metals IRA

With the help of both a Senior Portfolio Manager and an IRA Specialist, it’s easy and efficient to open a Custom Precious Metals IRA account with us, either online or with your IRA Specialist walking you through the application.

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Step 2: Fund Your Account

With the help of an Allegiance Gold IRA Specialist, you can complete a seamless IRA Transfer, a direct rollover from another qualified account, or contribute cash using a check or wire transfer

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Step 3: Diversify With Ease

An Allegiance Gold Specialist can walk you through the process of selecting your IRS-approved gold coins, bullion, and other precious metals, plus the designated Depository Storage Facility where they’ll remain—100% insured and secure.

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Experience the Advantages of a Tax-Deferred Custom Precious Metals IRA

Discover the benefits of a tax-deferred Custom Precious Metals IRA and protect your wealth with a diverse portfolio of IRS-approved gold, silver, platinum, or palladium assets. Contact us to get on the path to start your journey towards financial stability and growth.

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