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Precious Metals Videos

Discover Allegiance Gold's Gold & Silver Precious Metals Video Collection. Through our collection, you will find valuable information that will help you preserve your wealth.

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Allegiance Gold Veterans Day

Gary Graham Story

Fathers Day Promo Allegiance Gold

Celebrating Fathers

The Most Beautiful Coin for 2023

Explore the 2023 Allegiance Gold Signature Collection

White Bellied Sea Eagle

New 2023 Exclusive Signatutre

Fathers Day Promo Allegiance Gold

Celebrating Fathers

Be prepared for an Economic Hurricane

Are your prepared for what is coming

Mothers Day Promo?

We love you Mom

Memorial Day Video

Honoring our Veterans and Fallen Heroes

Are we in a Bear Market?

Do you need a strategy for 2022 stock market volatility?

Meet Our CEO

A brief introduction from our CEO Mark Naaman

Financial Update

BREAKING NEWS: Inflation, gas prices, interest rate spikes, and more are threatening the financial stability of life.

Happy Holidays From Allegiance Gold

On behalf of Allegiance Gold, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

Allegiance Gold 2021 Holiday Collection

The 2021 Holidays featured some amazing precious metals from Allegiance Gold.

Happy Thanksgiving From Allegiance Gold

Allegiance Gold spent the day donating and serving the West Valley Food Pantry.

10X Impact Gala Sponsored By Allegiance Gold

The inaugural 10X Impact Gala was sponsored by Allegiance Gold.

Allegiance Gold Visits Veteran Center

Veteran’s Day was spent getting to know our local VA Center in Chatsworth, California.

Wealth Protection Summit

Gary Graham is here to invite you to our Wealth Protection Summit presented by Allegiance Gold.

Printing Vs Minting

Alex guides you through the numbers to inform you about the increase in the money supply.

Premium Gold and Silver Explained

Understand the 6 factors that influence the premium for Gold and Silver.

Why Inflation is a huge risk to your saving?

What is inflation and how can it affect your retirement.

6 Reasons Why Gold is a Core Asset

Mark Naaman at Allegiance Gold gives expert advice on why gold is a core asset

Have a great Labor day from Allegiance Gold

Allegiance Gold wishes all the hard workers a safe and happy Labor Day

Gold Spot Price vs Gold Market Value

Learn the difference between Gold Spot price and Gold Market Value from the experts at Allegiance Gold.

Why Invest in Gold? Why do it Now?

Why gold? And why now? Discover why the opportune time to invest in gold is NOW.

Allegiance Gold 9/11 20th Anniversary

Allegiance Gold Commemorates the 20th anniversary of 9/11 with a unique coin offer.

Allegiance Gold Visits West Hills Hospital

Allegiance Gold was able to give back to the Emergency Department at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center.

Grant Cardone x Allegiance Gold

Allegiance Gold was able to showcase their role in the lives of investors at Grant Cardone’s residence.

Which IRA is best for you?

Gold IRA?  Precious metals?  Find out which IRA fits best with your retirement goals.

Exclusive Standing Lion Guinea

The beauty and elegance of Allegiance Gold’s first and exclusively minted coin can be seen in fine detail.

Gold to Hit $2,100?

Now could be a great time to start converting a portion of your retirement savings into a gold IRA through Allegiance Gold as the price of gold may hit $2,100 per ounce.

St. Paddy’s Day with Allegiance Gold

Find your retirement luck with opening a gold IRA through Allegiance Gold!

Are billionaires investing in gold?

Billionaires just like Warren Buffet have now been resorting to gold to preserve their wealth.  Find out more on why they are resorting to gold.

Valentine’s Day With Allegiance Gold

Converting your retirement savings with a gold IRA through Allegiance Gold exclusively for your loved one.

Exclusive Silver Standing Lion Guinea Coin

Allegiance Gold’s first exclusively minted coin has arrived with the Silver Standing Lion Guinea Coin.  This was Allegiance Gold’s first Super Bowl YouTube Advertisement.

The Future Use of Silver and Investing Before it Potentially Skyrockets

Silver could be used like never before and investing part of your retirement now with Allegiance Gold before prices potentially skyrocket is a great idea.

VUI and How To Protect Yourself Against Inflation

The VUI strain is here and it is more powerful in spreading than Covid-19.

What the Georgia Run-Off Election Results Mean

The future of American’s retirement income hangs in the balance as the Georgia Run-Off Election captures the nation.

Bankruptcy and How to Protect Yourself

The Covid related shutdowns have created so many problems for the American people, but Allegiance Gold is here to help keep your retirement safe.

Dollar Reset

If the U.S. dollar continues to lose its value, your retirement could take a massive hit.

Happy Holidays from Allegiance Gold

Here at Allegiance Gold, we would love to wish you all Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year.

Corporate Debt Bubble

If major corporations are taking out massive loans with no intention of paying them back, your retirement could end up being targeted.

Seniors in Poverty

50% of retired American seniors could end up in poverty.

National Debt Continues to Grow

How can you protect yourself from the careless spending of our government?

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