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Secure Your Future

How a Gold IRA Protects Your
Investments and Retirement Plan

Unearth the power of a tax-advantaged retirement account, structured to diversify your investments while leveraging the full potential of IRS-approved Gold. Elevate your portfolio with this distinguished asset and confidently secure your financial future.

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The Gold IRA

A Traditional Retirement Account with New Opportunities

A Gold IRA (or a Precious Metals IRA that incorporates gold) offers all the perks of a traditional IRA, along with another outstanding benefit: the ability to invest in IRS-approved Gold bullion and coins.

Investors can leverage the benefits of a tax-deferred account structure, tax-deductible contributions, and a hassle-free setup and transfer process, while simultaneously protecting and growing their wealth through a portfolio diversified with physical Gold and other precious metals. Experience unparalleled diversification and financial security with a Gold IRA, the ultimate choice for a robust and future-proof retirement investment strategy.

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Diversify in 3 Simple Steps

Forge a winning lineup of precious metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium - to tackle market uncertainty and achieve long-term financial success.

Step 1: Open A Gold IRA

With the help of both a Senior Portfolio Manager and an IRA Specialist, it’s easy and efficient to open a Gold IRA account with us, either online or with your IRA Specialist walking you through the application.

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Step 2: Fund Your Account

With the help of an Allegiance Gold IRA Specialist, you can complete a seamless IRA Transfer, a direct rollover from another qualified account, or contribute cash using a check or wire transfer.

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Step 3: Diversify With Ease

An Allegiance Gold Specialist can walk you through the process of selecting your IRS-approved Gold coins, bullion, and other precious metals, plus the designated Depository Storage Facility where they’ll remain—100% insured and secure.

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Take Matters—and Metals—Into Your Own Hands

Select from a wide range of investment grade coins and bullion in Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium to gain complete control over your asset ownership and reap many of the same rewards as a Gold IRA.

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Trust, Transparency, and Excellence

With 50 years of combined experience, a client roster full of 5-star ratings, and accolades from industry leaders like Better Business Bureau and TrustLink, we have established a reputation of trust, transparency, and excellence.

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Working With Leading Custodians
And Nationally Recognized Depositories

Discover the Gold Standard in Asset Diversification

Build a Golden Foundation for Your Family's Legacy

With a long history of stability and growth, Gold provides a powerful hedge against inflation, currency devaluation, and geopolitical instability.

Gold: A Confidential Asset for Financial Privacy

Gold enables you to maintain anonymity and control over your financial information, safeguarding your wealth from unwanted government intrusion and oversight.

An Asset You Can Count On

While banks fail, real estate bubble burst, and stock markets crash, Gold endures as a steadfast asset that holds its value through financial upheaval and instability.

The Golden Age

From June 21, 1999 to April 10, 2023, the price of Gold per ounce rose from $252.80 to over $2000. A remarkable 8-fold increase in just 20 years.

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