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November 14, 2020

Gold Rallies Amid Record Breaking Pandemic Cases

A potential Covid vaccine made markets soar last week. However, record numbers of new daily Covid Cases are keeping investors grounded to safe haven investments Hopeful news about a potential Covid vaccine sent stock markets soaring, however, we’re still seeing record numbers in the US of over 100,00 new daily…
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November 13, 2020

The Five Biggest Threats To Our Economy

We're nearing the end of a tumultuous year and we're nowhere near the V-shaped recovery we had hoped for. The effects of a year dominated by a crippling pandemic and its devastating lockdowns as well as the economic turmoil it brought on are bound to leave some scars as each…
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November 10, 2020

Risk Aversions Lead To Opportunity For Gold

Investors remain fearful of a potential crash and are looking to safe havens to protect their investments. The markets may be on a tear this week with the promise of Pfizer’s new potential vaccine, however, with record-breaking daily cases (Reported 5 consecutive days of over 100,000 new cases daily in…
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November 5, 2020

The Election Winner Is Gold

Will Gold Continue To Climb? This past year, we all know by now how gold has performed and what a valuable asset it has become to investors.  But now with the election, what will happen to the performance of gold?  Will there be a momentary pause in the price per…
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October 27, 2020

Silver Price to Spike With Growing Industrial Demand

Analysts predict the silver price will rise 60% in the next 12 months given the increased demand for renewable energy and within emerging technologies. The price of silver soared this year after its initial decline in March 2020 with the onset of the Coronavirus lockdowns. It initially fell to $11.63…
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October 20, 2020

Will More Stimulus Affect The Price of Gold?

There have been talks of another round of stimulus checks leaving many to wonder what it really says about the strength of our economy. One of the biggest debates in Washington is about issuing another stimulus package. The economy remains weak, states are continuing restrictions and are still keeping businesses…
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October 19, 2020

Why Gold Will Continue To Rise

It's been a profitable year for gold but experts believe we haven't begun to scratch the surface. Here's why the gold price will continue to soar. With the pandemic crisis having now lasted throughout the majority of the year, and with no end in sight, the outlook for the US…
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October 14, 2020

Your Retirement Account Could Be In Serious Danger

Retirement planning can be stressful, but in a volatile economic and political climate it's that much more confusing. Here are the key factors you need to know to secure your savings. If you've been thinking about your retirement options, now is the time to consider what the future might hold amid…
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