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Why now is the time to invest in gold and silver

By October 30, 2019June 22nd, 2023No Comments

Many people invest in traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, annuities or 403(b)s to preserve and grow their savings at an acceptable level that will help get them through retirement. Most IRAs contain mutual funds that invest in stocks, bonds and ETFs. However, with the market on the verge of a crash, investors are desperately searching for alternative investment vehicles for their IRAs, ones that will provide protection and profitability.

Gold and silver are important assets to add to your IRA portfolio because their value increases when paper investments, such as stocks and bonds, decrease. And both have proven track records over time.

Investing in gold and silver coins
When considering an investment in gold and silver coins, it’s important to educate yourself in the precious metals market as well as trends in the collector’s market. Why do some coins gain in value after a few years while others lose value? What’s the difference between mint and mintage? What’s the difference between bullion and proof coins? What is the bullion from which the coins were struck, the place of mintage, the mintage volume of the issued coins, the purity of the coins, the state of preservation, and the degree of rarity? Once you’ve answered these questions and figured out your investing strategy, it’s then time to select the right coin types that will safeguard your portfolio wealth.

Choosing the right types of coins for your Gold and Silver IRA is dependent on your investment goals.

If you are an investor who seeks protection and/or profit, invest in bullion coins
Bullion coins are struck from precious metals such as gold and silver. They have a clear statement of weight (multiple/fractions of 1 troy ounce) and fineness, are issued for investment purposes, and are not sold by the US Mint. The value of a bullion coin is determined by the coin weight and the amount of gold or silver that the coin contains. Prices do change on a daily basis, depending on the price of gold and silver in the world markets. Some mintages are more valuable than others (due to their rarity). The most highly sought-after bullion coins are the Silver America the Beautiful 5 oz (SATB) and the Gold Buffalo Proof 1 oz coins from the United States Mint. The Gold Buffalo is a 24K gold coin with a purity level of 99.999% while the SATB is regarded as one of the most beautiful coins to ever be produced. It contains 5 troy ounces of pure silver making it the largest silver bullion coin ever issued by the United States Mint.

The animal series from the Royal Canadian Mint can be found in ¼ oz denominations in gold or 1.5 oz in silver. Royal Canadian Mint coins are known for their high purity of content, low mintage and exceptional art.  The United Kingdom Mint is highly reputable. Coin purity matches that of the US Mint and the beauty of their Queen’s Beast coins is unparalleled.

If you are a collector, invest in numismatic coins
Numismatic coins, by definition, had to have been minted before 1933 and can never be reproduced. Over time, numismatic coins grow in rarity and, along with their historical significance, greatly influence their value which, oftentimes, can surpass the spot price.  Like bullion coins, numismatic coins also are valued on gold and/or silver content.

Circulating coins are also a quite interesting way to invest. They are sold by the US Mint and are produced for everyday transactions. The interesting part is learning about their history, their country of origin, and the mint in which the disc was struck.

Both collectors and investors alike own commemorative coins which are minted to commemorate a specific event, an important historical figure, building or place. They are easily recognizable and have a face value which is usually equal to its real value in circulation.

Where to buy gold and silver coins?
You want your investment in gold and silver coins to be safe, secure, and profitable. You have to choose the right dealer or exchange. There are hundreds, if not thousands, scattered across the US. When it comes to trust, value and service, Allegiance Gold should be your choice because of the well-earned reputation, vast selection of minted gold and silver coins, exceptional service, full transparency, buyback guarantee, and, perhaps above all else, their  5-star client review rating.

Visit Allegiance Gold’s Learning Center to learn more about precious metal coins and how precious metal IRAs work.



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