Silver Australian Osprey Coin 1.5oz

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We’re proud to present the stunning Silver Australian Osprey Coin 1.5oz 99.99%. Crafted with the utmost precision by the Perth Mint, the Silver Osprey Coin features limited mintage and a magnificent design etched on 1.5 ounces of pure .9999 fine silver. This is the second official coin distributed exclusively by Allegiance Gold.

The Stunning Silver Osprey Design

This silver coin showcases the graceful and regal osprey, a powerful raptor known for its remarkable hunting skills and majestic wingspan. The intricate details of the osprey’s plumage are framed with the inscription ‘2021 OSPREY,’ and the traditional ‘P’ mintmark of the prestigious Perth Mint. The back is etched with the iconic effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as well as the entire weight and purity of this rare silver coin.

For those who appreciate the iconic Silver Eagle Coin, the Silver Australian Osprey Coin 1.5oz 99.99% serves as a captivating international companion piece. Its distinctive design and comparable purity make it an excellent addition to your existing coin collection and a great opportunity to diversify your investment options.

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The Silver Australian Osprey Coin 1.5oz: An IRA Approved Silver Coin

The Silver Australian Osprey Coin is a 401k rollover eligible product that meets the requirements for inclusion in a precious metals IRA, or a silver or gold IRA (Individual Retirement Account). This offers investors a tax-advantaged way to invest in silver for retirement planning, while diversifying portfolios and providing income protection insurance. Its silver content of 99.99% guarantees its intrinsic value and makes it an especially coveted asset in times of economic uncertainty.

As a legal tender coin, the Silver Australian Osprey Coin holds a face value of 1 Australian dollar. However, its true value extends far beyond its displayed worth. With limited mintage and increasing demand, this coin possesses great potential for future growth, making it a remarkable investment opportunity for discerning collectors looking to buy silver.

Silver Australian Osprey Coin 1.5oz 99.99% Features:

  • Reverse side features the Osprey
  • Queen Elizabeth II is featured on the obverse side
  • The Silver Osprey coin contains 1.50 oz of 99.99% pure silver
  • Highest quality silver in each coin
  • Packaging: 15 coins per tube, 10 tubes per monster box
  • Produced by The Perth Mint
  • IRA approved and 401k rollover eligible product
  • Issuing country: Australia
  • Mintage: Limited

Don’t miss out on your chance to own the exclusive Silver Australian Osprey Coin which combines artistry, elegance, purity, and investment potential. With Allegiance Gold, you can be confident in your purchase, knowing that you’re acquiring a precious asset that will appreciate in value over time.