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Biden’s First State of the Union Has Been Addressed

President Biden addressed the nation last night in what was to be a promising State of the Union address in a critical time for the entire world. With sanctions imposed in Russia, the world government is somewhat at a standstill. No one expected Russia to act so harshly against Ukraine in a time when the world is still healing from the effects of the global pandemic. President Biden made it clear that the United States stands with Ukraine and their valiant efforts to preserve their country. Biden also made it clear that the US will lead the world in their efforts to further isolate Russia. At this point, no country has been supporting the Russian attack on Ukraine.  With countless amounts of companies both in the financial and entertainment sectors pulling out of Russia, their economy has since descended by an estimate of 40%. Inflation and medicare took the stage as well in Biden’s first State of the Union address. Here are some key takeaways from his speech last night.

1. Russia-Ukraine Crisis

There was no doubt that in last night’s speech, where President Biden was putting his attention to. He made it known that the United States was in full support of Ukraine and that he is willing to isolate Russia at all costs. The Ukrainian Ambassador that was present received a standing ovation that sent hope to all Ukrainians. The Ruble and the entire economy of Russia has been feeling the effect of the war. Almost every country in the world has abandoned any form of relationship with Russia. President Biden made it clear where the US stands and that the distance will never be filled between Russia and the US.

2. Inflation Rates & Our Economy

The biggest topic that all Americans were waiting to hear about was the status of our economy and the impact that the inflation rate has had on the lower and middle classes of America. Inflation rates have been at an all-time high, and President Biden did not shy away from his personal story about how his family had been affected by inflation in the past. He did not speak in-depth about how he was going to reduce the cost of living but instead spoke about where our tax money was going. Yes, while maintenance issues are important in America for roads and bridges, economic classes that are struggling need answers to how they can survive at this unbelievable time period. He did however speak on how America will not resort to exporting as heavily as we are known for, and how we will be resourceful for all that our internal resources can offer. We will definitely see what happens and how this can come into effect.

3. Healthcare

Seems redundant, but healthcare was also a topic that he praised our system for. While he referenced diabetes and how he wants to make insulin more affordable, the fact of the matter is that our healthcare system has been restructured over and over again. A simple system where costs are low, and we as taxpayers receive the benefits we need are all that is been asked for.

President Biden’s first State of the Union address was in many ways as redundant as other State of the Union addresses have been, but hopefully it was positive enough to help his approval rating. Time will only tell with what will be implemented into our system and what will not. Let’s hope by the next State of the Union address, we would have felt some change that he had proposed.

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