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While gold has risen in 2020, gold coin investment sales have been higher than ever.

With gold seeing a significant rise this past year in 2020, gold coin investments have been rising with many investors.  There is an oversupply of gold coins which is leading to low premiums for purchasing these types of investments. The reason being is that in the mid-1900s, gold coins were transitioning over to Europe during and before the depression.  Large amounts of gold coins were shipped to Europe as they were involved in high amounts of international trade with the United States.  As of late, these gold coins have been resurfacing.  The U.S. gold coins have been a favorite investment all around the world to invest in due to the precious metal being so lucrative.

Allegiance Gold has been catering to all our clients and helping them invest in the best precious metals all throughout the years.  With governments all over the world printing excessive amounts of money to eliminate global debt, more and more investors are resorting to investing in physical gold and precious metals.  Gold coins are an IRA-deferred product that will allow you to rollover your IRA into as many gold coins as you wish.  We feature some of the rarest gold coins on the market that have been preserved for decades.  Some of our gold products feature The Liberty Gold Coin, The Gold American Buffalo Coin, The American Gold Eagle Coin, and The Indian Head Gold Coin.  We offer gold bars and Valcambi as well.

The Liberty Gold Coin

$10 Liberty Gold Coin

The Gold American Buffalo Coin

Gold Coin American Buffalo

The American Gold Eagle Coin

Lady Liberty Gold Coin

The Indian Head Gold Coin

$5 Indian Head

At Allegiance Gold, our wide array of gold coin products have been a well-known investment for our clients for years.  We want to make sure that you receive the same quality in your investments so that you start preserving your wealth in a market that has much uncertainty.  It is projected that even after the global pandemic concludes, that gold will still climb in price per ounce.  The time to act on gold investments is now.  Gold has seen a historic climb in price per ounce recently, which is a good indicator for investors to invest now as the price will continue to climb in the near future.

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