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Buying Silver Bars Can Add Value To Your Portfolio


If you are looking to add precious metals to your portfolio, then one of the most popular options available is to purchase and own silver bars. With silver bars, you have a number of advantages that allow you to privately hedge your wealth with an inflation-proof physical asset. The best way to learn about adding physical silver bars to a financial portfolio is by calling the executives at Allegiance Gold. For many years, our Allegiance Gold executives have been educating our clients on the importance of adding precious metals to a portfolio. After this article, call 844-790-9191 to find out how you can add precious metals to your financial portfolio.

Why Buy Silver Bars?

There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider the purchase of silver bars for your portfolio. 

1). Private ownership 

With silver bars, you can own them privately and store them in your own safe. This may be important if your personal safety or if government intrusion makes it necessary to keep a portion of your wealth easily accessible. 

2). Lower cost

When investing in precious metals, silver bars will be less expensive than purchasing gold bars. Currently, the price of a one-ounce silver bar is about $25 while the price of a one-ounce gold bar is approaching $2,000 per ounce. 

3). Ability to buy in various sizes

With silver bars, you have the ability to purchase them in various sizes. As an example, you can purchase silver bars in one ounce, 10-ounce, 100-ounce, and even larger sizes. This allows you lots of flexibility. 

How to Buy Silver Bars

There are a number of ways that you can purchase silver bars. Here’s a look at five popular options which are available for most buyers. 

1). Online silver dealer

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to purchase silver bars is to purchase them from an online precious metals dealer. Just about all precious metal dealers offer silver bars in various sizes. One convenient route most of our clients take is by buying directly through us at Allegiance Gold.

2). Physical silver dealer

You can also find a local precious metals dealer and purchase the silver bars directly from them. One of the advantages of purchasing from a local precious metal dealer is that you don’t have to worry about shipping times. 

3). Pawnshop

There is a chance that your local pawn shop may have silver bars available for sale. It is a good idea to call pawn shops in your city to see what inventory they have available. 

4). Private sales

You can also purchase silver bars from private buyers. One of the major advantages of a private sale is that you do not have to disclose the sale if it is under $600. This allows you the ultimate level of privacy. 

What are the Most popular Silver Bars? 

There are a number of different types of silver bars available for sale. You may have a specific preference for which type of silver bar you will want to purchase. Here’s a look at some of the best selling silver bars:

1). Silver American Buffalo 1 oz. Bar

A 1 oz. silver bar is a great way to get started if you are a smaller investor. Right now, you can get a 1oz Silver American Buffalo bar through Allegiance Gold. 

2). Silver Eagle 10 oz. Bar

The Silver Eagle 10 oz. Bar is a unique-designed bar to add to any collection. Each bar contains 10 ounces of pure .999 fine silver. With the way that silver performs, this bar will be highly lucrative in the near future.

3). 1000 oz. Silver Bar 

Finally, if you are looking to make a major silver purchase and you don’t want to deal with multiple bars, then you will want to consider a 1,000-ounce silver bar. This is a major type of bar, that will add both weight and value to your financial portfolio.

Additional silver bars for sale 

In addition to these silver bars, you can also purchase what is known as fractional silver bars. These bars are as small as one gram that can be potentially useful for small transactions using silver. 

Silver Bars Purchasing Tips 

Be sure to follow these helpful tips when purchasing silver bars:

  • Know your seller! – Make sure your seller is reputable to prevent fraud. 
  • Store in a safe – Store your silver in a safe if you plan to hold it privately.
  • Monitor silver prices – Check silver prices often to find the right time to buy and sell your silver bars. 

Adding Silver Bars to Your Wealth 

Silver bars may be a smart addition to your wealth as a privately held inflation hedge. If you are considering purchasing silver bars, be sure to carefully research your purchasing options before making a final investment decision. The executives at Allegiance Gold can help you with any silver question that you may have. When you call us at 844-790-9191, make sure to ask about your FREE Gold IRA Guide that you can exclusively receive only through Allegiance Gold. 

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