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Silver Has Been Known To Outperform Gold

During the year 2021, we have seen money flow into many different types of assets. From record prices of stocks across almost every sector to bubbling real estate and cryptocurrency prices, it seems like prices are going up everywhere. Does that mean that investing in silver is a good idea in 2021? From the year 2021, Allegiance Gold has been educating on how silver may be the future. From the global uses that silver is used on a daily basis, to how mints treat the precious metal, silver is bound to gain more traction on price per ounce. Here’s a reason why you may want to consider putting some money in the popular precious metal. 

Government Spending May Continue To Accelerate

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still continuing to spread around the world. That means that many governments are going to accelerate their spending in order to support businesses and citizens who may have been adversely affected. In the United States alone, we have seen several rounds of stimulus checks measured in trillions of dollars. This type of money printing tends to be bullish for precious metals such as gold and silver. It may only be a matter of time before all of this money printing leads to a serious devaluation of the US dollar. 

Inflation Is Rising Again

Inflation has been kept at bay for several decades. However, that trend has been coming to an end when the inflation rate rose over 5% on a year-over-year basis in 2021. Now, inflation pops do not tend to be one-year events. Therefore, we may be in for a multi-year or even decade-long inflation event. In this type of environment, we begin to see the precarious rise in the price of everyday items from groceries to gasoline. We also see rapid prices in the appreciation of investable assets such as stocks, real estate, and precious metals. When it comes to inflation and silver, we could see some serious price appreciation in the price of the precious metal. In fact, silver tends to outperform many other assets during inflationary times.  

We May Be In The Early Stages Of A Commodity Supercycle 

We have had several commodity supercycles over the last 50 years. During the 1970s, we saw the price of silver rose from $1.54 an ounce to almost $50 in 1980. During the 2000s commodity supercycle, we saw the price of silver rose from $4.95 an ounce to $20.19. Now that we are seeing the price of all types of commodities rise in 2020 and 2021, we could be in the midst of another commodities supercycle. In 2020, the price of silver $20.72 an ounce. It is quite possible that we could see a new all-time high in silver before the decade is over. 

Silver Prices Are A Relative Bargain 

Just about everything is hitting an all-time high in 2021. We have seen all-time highs in the stock market, real estate, and cryptocurrencies. However, prices of precious metals such as gold and silver have yet to hit a new all-time high. This may be the ultimate opportunity to acquire precious metals at a bargain price while other investors are attracted to other types of investments. 

Silver Can Outperform Gold In 2021 

While precious metals are doing well, the big attention usually flows towards gold. However, silver ultimately tends to outperform gold during precious metal bulls markets. Therefore, if you believe that precious metals will do well in 2021 and beyond, then you will want to consider silver. 

Ways To Purchase Silver In 2021 

There are a number of ways to add silver to your portfolio. One of the most popular ways to acquire silver is through the purchase of silver coins and bars. If you are just starting out and have a limited budget, then you may also want to consider the acquisition of junk silver. Allegiance Gold can help you through the purchasing process so you will be well-educated before you buy. Junk silver is the U.S. minted nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollar, and dollar coins with silver content. These coins were minted before the year 1965 and are popular due to their low cost over the spot price of silver 

Getting Started With Silver Investing In 2021 

Silver may be one of the smartest investments that you can make in 2021. With the specter of multi-year inflation and increased government spending, silver may be the one investment that could outshine the rest over the next decade. If you want to get started in silver investing, consider adding silver coins, silver bars, or junk silver to your portfolio today. The most exclusive precious metal dealer to purchase silver from is through Allegiance Gold. Allegiance Gold has the most exclusive and rarest silver coins that will be great additions to any financial portfolio. For more on silver coins or bullion, contact Allegiance Gold at 844-790-9191 or visit www.allegiancegold.com to view the best collection of silver coins.

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