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Gold is going up!  Gold has climbed to it’s highest price per ounce point since January 2021.  Bonds, yields, and the crypto markets have slipped tremendously, opening the way for gold to hit a high of $1,890.13 per ounce by Wednesday morning.  For some of the gold experts that predicted gold to climb, it may seem that what they have been predicting may be right.  The executives at Allegiance Gold have been educated on this spike in gold, and have been researching the precious metals market and other markets to make sure you are educated as well.

“Gold price rallies while everything else collapses; $1,900 is just around the corner…”

-Jim Wyckoff, Investing Expert

As the economy began to open up, and with a new President, everything seemed to be hopeful of a government on the rebound trying to eliminate as much as debt as possible.  However inflation increasing, and the market being inflated as well, experts knew that a spike in gold would happen eventually.  As the markets now have been starting to slide with the spike in commodities, the precious metals market may come back and take center stage as it did in 2020.  “$1,900 is just around the corner”, says investing expert Jim Wyckoff.  If $1,900 price per ounce is approaching for gold, the opportune moment for investors to invest in gold may be now.  If gold were to go past the $2,000 price per ounce point, there may be no coming back down to below the $2,000 thereafter.  But we will have to first see how markets perform in the 3rd quarter to even predict the future of gold falling.  For now, it is safe to say that gold may continue to climb for the rest of the year.  For more on the price of gold and what the future entails, call the executives at Allegiance Gold today for more information on how you can diversify your portfolio with gold.  Ask us about how you can receive your FREE Gold IRA guide for 2021 as well!

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