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2020 was the year for gold.  Gold broke the price per ounce record many times in 2020, and outperformed any investor’s predictions for the precious metal.  Gold made this progress despite the fact that the entire economy faced a global pandemic and shut down for a majority of the year.  The phrase that gold is associated with, “ultimate hedge against inflation”, came to fruition as most investors that are well-known for their Wall Street reputation, were now resorting to gold.  Warren Buffett was known for his reputation of not pursuing any type pursuing any type of precious metal as an investment.  In 2020, Buffett praised the precious metal for how much of a strong investment it was in 2020.  Now that the economy is slowly returning, it has many investors that have invested in gold asking what investment move to make next.  The answer is SILVER!  The economy is now in a state where the rebuilding process has started.  Although it will take time for the economy to get back where it used to be, inflation will be constant especially after a year like 2020.  The executives at Allegiance Gold can give you your FREE 2021 precious metal guide today!

Silver could potentially outperform gold in 2021.  Silver MAY not reach the price per ounce that gold has achieved, but as far as silver’s overall performance, it is predicted to do far better than gold or any other precious metal.  With the industrial demand that silver has in the global economy, silver will become more and more valuable as the year goes by.  

Precious metals made a huge break-through in 2020, and should continue to be the ultimate investment in 2021.  For precious metals like silver, any investor or collector can invest into the precious metal with either silver bullion or silver coins.  Our new Standing Lion Guinea Silver Coin has been in high demand due to its rarity and the amount of silver it carries.  Investing in options like this, should safeguard and preserve your financial future.

The executives at Allegiance Gold have been educating clients on the importance of diversifying a financial portfolio.  With inflation rates rising rapidly, the time to invest into precious metals is now!  Make sure to call Allegiance Gold today and receive your exclusive and FREE precious metal guide.  Our executives are waiting to help you preserve your wealth.

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