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The year 2020 saw both small and large-scale investors invest in precious metals.  Many investors sought out gold coins and gold bullion for how much of value the precious metal had increased in a year like 2020.  For investors who bought gold at $1,100 price per ounce, saw their investment in gold go to $2,000 price per ounce at its peak.  Gold had a record year and all investors voiced their opinions to invest in the precious metal, and other precious metals to preserve a financial future.  For those who are starting an investment portfolio or looking for a safe investment, you may have many questions on whether or not gold, silver, or other precious metals would be a good investment.  How much should I pay for gold coins?  Where can I buy gold coins or silver coins?  What is the whole precious metals purchase process like?  These are all valid questions that can be answered by Allegiance Gold and our amazing team of gold coin experts.

Where Can I Buy Gold?

Buying gold is not a difficult process at all.  The purchasing process is very quick and can be done through many places.  Ideally, it is advised to buy gold straight from a depository or a company that has access to physical precious metals.  Allegiance Gold deals directly with precious metals depositories that can get the finest precious metal bullion that is of high quality.

Is Investing In Gold A Good Decision?

Gold has a respectable reputation as it has always been known for being the ultimate hedge against inflation.  In 2020, after the world experience a global pandemic, saw economies pause and cripple, the only investment that had investors went to was gold.  Investing in gold is not a short-term investment, it is a long-term investment that allows you to capitalize on the increasing price per ounce as inflation rates rise.  Every investor also diversifies their portfolio.  Portfolio diversification is compared to the famous investment saying, “don’t put your eggs all in one basket”.  A smart investor invests both in stocks and in precious metals.

Types Of Gold Coin You Can Purchase

The types of gold coins or gold bullion range in sizes and go according to ounces.  The reason why it is broken down in ounces is that it makes it affordable for everyone to invest in however much is wanting to be invested.  Here are the usual sizes of gold coin or gold bullion:

-1/25th of an ounce

-1/20th of an ounce

-1/10th of an ounce

-1/4th of an ounce

-1/2 of an ounce

-1 ounce

-1 & 1/25th of an ounce

All types of gold coin or gold bullion are minted in troy ounce or gram and typically from the Australian or Canadian Mint.

Allegiance Gold has been helping investors invest in gold coins or gold bullion for many years.  Our team of gold experts has the expertise to achieve portfolio diversification and educate you on market fluctuations that most investors do not know about.  Another great investment that many retirees were Gold IRAs.  By rolling over retirement accounts into a gold IRA account, it allowed the success of gold’s price per ounce to positively affect retirement savings.  Call the gold experts today at Allegiance Gold and find out why gold is the future of financial preservation.

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