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Allegiance Gold is proud to introduce the newest and most exclusive coin on the market, the 2021 Standing Lion 1.25 ounce silver coin.  The 2021 Standing Lion 1.25 ounce silver coin is the official legal tender of Saint Helena with limited mintage and exclusively distributed by Allegiance Gold. The reverse of the coin is a lion rampant gardant, defender of the Crown and Empire. The St. George of England shield below the lion references the traditional use of a shield on the final guinea to be circulated within Britain, the Spade Guinea of 1787 to 1799.  The obverse bears the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The renowned sculptor Raphael Maklouf has designed the coin. The issuing country is Saint Helena with £1.25 denomination. The Guinea, a symbol of Britain’s rising colonial power, is one of the world’s most respected coinages in history carrying with it a reputation of trust and purity.

The Standing Lion was first introduced to the public and to our clients in 2021.  Since its introduction, we have had to mint more coins in order to meet the popular demand this silver coin has received.  This coin has become a best-selling item for investors and collectors alike within the past few months.  With the overall success of the coin, and how little time it took for this success to come to fruition, we have no doubt that this coin will become very lucrative in the future.  This is an excellent investment option and gift that will become more valuable in time.

Allegiance Gold has been the leader in Gold IRA investment portfolios and physical precious metals for years now.  We make sure that our clients our well educated in precious metals and the preservation of wealth that entails with rolling over an IRA.  From precious metal IRA accounts, to investing in physical precious metals, Allegiance Gold is the leader in making sure that you receive the best in service and in your portfolio.  Make sure to contact the precious metal experts today for more exclusive details on how you can receive your Standing Lion Silver Coin today!

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