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Precious metal investment options have gone back and forth this year in 2021.  In the year 2020, we all saw a large increase in precious metal investments – both in physical precious metals and in IRA accounts.  Some investors might not know where to begin when it comes to preserving their wealth and what to invest into.  The precious metal experts at Allegiance Gold have been preserving the wealth of investors for years now, and we continue to help and educate first-time investors as well.  Our main focus is to educate investing into precious metals, as this is seeming to be the only way that one can truly preserve their wealth.  Gold, silver, and other precious metals have been going up and down in price per ounce, but now is still the best time to invest as the future of these precious metals look better than ever.  Here are some physical precious metals that most investors seek when first investing into precious metal coins.

The American Gold Eagle Coin

The American Gold Eagle Coin, captures the graceful Striding Liberty as the basis for the American Gold Eagle coin. This bullion coin became one of the most popular gold coins among investors in the United States. This is because the Gold Bullion Act enacted, stipulated that the gold used to produce this specific coin came from newly mined sources found within the United States.

The American Eagle coin has the obverse depicting lady liberty striding from the coin and this was the work of Augustus St. Gaudens, who was famous for the design he produced for the Double Eagle commissioned by President Theodore Roosevelt in the early 20th Century. The 1 oz Gold American Eagle has a legal tender face value of $50. The quality and purity are guaranteed by the U.S. government, and by law, only gold mined in The United States is used in the minting of American Gold Eagles.  The American Gold Eagle comes in four sizes: 1 oz., ½ oz., ¼ oz. and 1/10 oz. and can be placed in a Precious Metals IRA.

The Liberty Gold Coin

The Liberty $5 Gold coin was a coin with a face value that was extremely large. Earlier in history, $5 was a lot of money that had a lot of purchasing power. Nowadays, this coin is popular amongst collectors not only because of its gold content and related value but also due to it no longer being produced. Being that it was produced for nearly 70 years, there are plenty of these coins on the market, but that will only remain true for a short period of time.

The Liberty $5 Gold coin is most often found in poor conditions and because of that, it becomes especially important for collectors to carefully analyze the coin prior to purchase. With all this being said, these coins are incredibly popular regardless of their condition to most every collector.

The Indian Head Gold Coin

When the Indian Head $5 gold coin was first produced, it had the highest face value of any other coin.  The $5 Indian gold coin was first minted in the early 1900s and did not even stay in circulation for 20 years which now makes this precious metal very rare.  This gold coin now is over 100 years old and is a must to have for gold coin investors.

As the $5 Indian Head gold coins on the market continue to diminish, allow Allegiance Gold to help you invest in this unbelievable find.  Although the condition of this coin may be dated, it continues to grow in popularity and in wealth.

These precious metal coins and more can all be accessed through Allegiance Gold.  Allegiance Gold can help you invest in precious metals, as well as, roll over your retirement account into a self-directed IRA.  Call the precious metal experts today at (844) 790-9191 for more information on how you can preserve your wealth with precious metals.

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