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Gold IRA or Self-Directed IRA – What is the difference and which is better for your investment portfolio?

With gold falling just under $1,700 this morning, it does not necessarily mean that the precious metal will continue to decrease.  Since November, gold has been going up and down in price per ounce.  A year ago, we saw some amazing and historic climbs by gold. 

But since there is a new President, and the economy has been trying to repair itself, gold will continue to move up and down in the near future.  Economists have predicted this, but have also predicted the outcome that gold will have in the long run.  Right now is the best time to invest into precious metals.  While the economy goes through the process of healing itself, it won’t be too long before another economic collapse occurs and precious metals spike in price per ounce.  After the 2008 market crash, investors were no longer willing to sit back and let their investment values dwindle down to nothing, while losing millions in the process. Retirement has been on the minds of many Americans worried about the future of this country. To that end, investors have learned from past mistakes and are being proactive, diversifying their portfolios with safe haven commodities like gold and silver and seeing substantial gains.  In 2020, retirees who resorted to Allegiance Gold and rolled over their retirement accounts into a precious metal IRA accounts have seen great success in preserving their wealth.  The following are what any retiree should seek in an uncertain economic future:

Gold IRA

A Gold IRA is an IRS-approved retirement account that functions in the same way as any regular IRA. Unlike conventional retirement accounts such as IRA and 401(k) accounts that limit your options in standard paper-based assets such as stocks, mutual funds and bonds, a Gold IRA allows you the added benefit of investing in physical gold coins and bars.  Allegiance Gold works with leading Self-Directed IRA precious metals custodians like Strata Trust and GoldStar that help investors navigate regulatory requirements, avoid tax pitfalls, and diversify with physical precious metals.

Self-Directed IRA

A self-directed IRA is a retirement account that empowers investors to take control of their financial future. Just like a conventional IRA or 401(k), a self-directed IRA gives you the opportunity to take advantage of tax benefits. It has all the benefits you’ve come to expect from a retirement account with two important differences — more investment options and greater control of your retirement portfolio.

Allegiance Gold has been helping retirees for many years now in preserving their retirement savings.  With the success of gold in 2020, and the success that is forecasted for silver and other precious metals, now is the perfect time to explore options in precious metals.  Call our executives at Allegiance Gold today to become more educated on the options that you have to preserve your wealth.

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