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Give Mom A Gift That Will Give Back To Her

What does Mother’s Day mean to you? Being a mother has much more responsibility than one can think. Caring, raising, and managing a family are some of the typical responsibilities that most mothers perform on a daily basis. When raising a child, a mother has a huge imprint on how each child is raised. A mother teaches valuable lessons to their children, shows them how to build their daily life, and helps them develop their skills at an early age. With Mother’s Day coming up, of course it is easy to give mom chocolates and flowers, or maybe even a piece of jewelry that she may wear. The real question is, what may be most valuable to mom in these trying times? Skyrocketing inflation and record-breaking gas prices have affected all of us tremendously. But those who are either in the middle class or retired, have felt the effects more than anyone. Hard-earned savings and social security income soon may not hold much value at all. That is why everyone here at Allegiance Gold has been educating both those in the workforce and in retirement about the importance of adding precious metals to a financial portfolio. Acquiring gold or silver may be the best option in the world today to preserve financial wealth. That’s why this Mother’s Day, give mom the gift that may mean the most to her and can be preserved for years and years to come.

So far in the year 2022, we have seen inflation, gas prices, and interest rates rise higher than any year or decade before. While we can relate to the harsh times that Covid-19 brought us, the current times have become financially unbearable for most families and retirees to survive. Since the global pandemic of 2020, gold, silver, and other precious metals have been able to perform at a level never before seen. Most investors that invested at the beginning of 2020 saw some of their investments double within months. For those that are new to gold and how gold can perform for you, here is some information on what a gold IRA is and the benefits of having a gold IRA open.

What is a Gold IRA? 

Have you heard of a gold IRA before? A gold IRA is a self-directed individual retirement account that specializes in the investment of physical gold. A gold IRA can hold gold and gain the advantages that a traditional IRA can offer. To be eligible for some of the tax advantages, a gold IRA account must be opened by an IRS-approved broker. 

The Benefits of Using a Gold IRA

One of the major reasons that you will want to consider using a gold IRA is that your contributions into the retirement account can be written off on your taxes. For instance, if you add $5,000 worth of physical gold each year to your gold IRA, then you will be able to write off that amount on your taxes. Over time, this could lead to a significant amount of tax savings. Compare that to purchasing gold and holding it outside of a gold IRA. If you purchase gold over a long period of time, then this could lead to tens of thousands of dollars of tax savings.

Gold IRA Provides Excellent Retirement Diversification 

When people think about diversifying their investments, they rarely think about their retirement funds. However, your retirement should be as well protected as your non-retirement funds. Therefore, if you have all of your retirement investments in stocks, then you will want to consider moving some of that wealth into gold. Historically, gold has been uncorrelated with stocks. That means that you can protect your wealth in the case of a prolonged bear market. 

Gold and silver have been able to help preserve wealth through the past two years and through time itself. That’s why this year, give something meaningful to mom for Mother’s Day in the form of a gold IRA or in precious metals. To learn more about how you can give the gift that will give back to your mom, call us at Allegiance Gold at 844-790-9191. Also, all qualified accounts, rollovers, or purchases will receive $500 of FREE Silver! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to give back to mom!

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