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US Administration Gearing Up For Omicron Variant

What is to come of the new Omicron variant, that is starting to come on the radars of all governments around the world?  Are we headed into another lockdown?  How will the stock market be affected? These are all valid questions that need to be answered but are often looked past by the Biden Administration.  With President Biden raising travel restrictions to foreign countries again, it is only buying our government time to come up with a solution for the few cases of the Omicron variant that could lead to more popping up here in the US.  At this point, one can only speculate that another government shutdown could be on the horizon.  We all learned in 2020 how to protect and safeguard our financial assets, and we saw how it grew exponentially for us.  Gold, silver, and other precious metals outperformed the entire stock market and had all types of investors investing more and more of their savings into precious metals.  Just like in 2020, the year 2021 was no different for Allegiance Gold as many investors wanted to learn about the importance of diversifying their portfolio with gold and silver.  The executive team at Allegiance Gold was able to help educate and protect assets for those with savings and retirement accounts.  With Omicron starting to make a name for itself, speaking to an executive at Allegiance Gold may be imperative for any type of investor.

The Biden Administration has been staying calm in the wake of a new variant spreading throughout the world.  With hearing of a new variant, President Biden was quick to increase the travel guidelines, and is now trying to find solutions that can help cater to every home.  Some points that he had already made with the Omicron variant were the following:

  1. The Omicron variant was first identified in South Africa, and we do not know everything about the variant to act accordingly.
  2. Regardless, the Omicron variant will come to the United States; it is only a matter of time.  The new travel restrictions were put in place due to the new variant but will not stop the new variant from making it’s way to the United States.
  3. Everyone needs to be vaccinated, and receive the booster shot if available to them.  The United States still has not met the mandatory percentage of 60% of the population being vaccinated, and has now allowed children of the ages between 5-11 to receive the vaccine.
  4. The wearing of masks in indoors in public areas are still mandatory.  This has been an effective solution to contain the spread of Covid-19.
  5. The government has been working on a few solutions to contain the spread of the new variant, but will update all local governments when possible.

The Omicron variant has been the latest variant in the Covid-19 world pandemic that has raised attention in the world.  Most pharmaceutical companies that created the Covid-19 vaccine and booster shots have been working with the new strain to either develop another vaccine, or confirm that the original Covid-19 vaccine will be successful against Omicron.

One thing may come to fruition, which is that there may be another government shutdown.  With the shutdown that occurred last year, many lost jobs and the economy took a deep nose dive into more debt.  One safe investment that many people made was safeguarding their financial future with gold and silver.  While the stock market tanked, gold and silver grew exponentially; and increased the ROI for many investors tremendously.  Before the new variant may become as large as the Covid-19 variant, safeguard your financial future and learn about the importance of gold and silver.  Contact Allegiance Gold and make sure to ask about our FREE Gold IRA Guide that can help you understand why gold and silver are the best investments to make.  Call 844-790-9191 for more information and to speak to an Allegiance Gold executive.

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