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The Price of Gold Should Be Constantly Watched

If you are investing or considering an investment in gold, then knowing the current price is important. Since gold trades 24 hours a day, you will always be able to receive a live spot price for gold. After reading this article make sure to check Allegiance Gold for the live price of gold and other precious metal prices. The executives at Allegiance Gold can also send you a FREE Gold IRA Guide when you can call 844-790-9191. Here we will take a look at where you can find the live price for gold and how to use it in your gold investment decisions.

How to Find the Live Spot Price of Gold

There are a number of places where you can find the live spot price of gold. The first place you should look at is financial news sites. Here are the links to the most popular destinations to find the live spot price of gold:

Bloomberg Metals Prices 

CNBC Metals Commodities 

CNN Money Commodities 

How to find the price of gold in different currencies? 

If you happen to trade in the Forex market, then you will want to know the price of gold in different currencies. This is important because some currencies are weaker and stronger than others. Therefore, you may get a greater return by buying gold and selling a weaker currency. Another site where you can check the price of gold is on the homepage of Allegiance Gold.  We have a live ticker with updated gold and precious metal prices. 

Quick Ways to Know the Price of Gold

In addition to the resources stated, there are some quick ways that you can always know the price of gold. Here’s a look at three ways to keep the price of gold close to you at all times.

1). Add Gold to Your Stock Widget on Your Smart Phone or Computer 

Just about all smartphones (Android and iOS) have a stock widget that allows you to quickly know the price of certain assets. You can easily add gold to these widgets. The widget can sit on your smartphone or computer as a “bug” where you can see the live price of gold at all times. 

2). Add gold to a watchlist at your broker 

You can also add gold to your watchlist on your broker platform. For instance, if you have an account on Robinhood or Webull, you can create a watchlist and add gold as well as other stocks and assets. When you need to check the price of gold, you simply open up the watchlist. 

3). Add gold to your search engine watchlist

Both Google and Yahoo! offer a watchlist feature on their sites. You can also add gold, as well as other assets, to the watchlist. From there, you can bookmark the watchlist and be able to access the live price of gold whenever you need it. 

Why Is It Important to Know the Price of Gold? 

While most people are familiar with the price of stocks, they may not know that gold is an equally important asset to watch. Here are three reasons why you should monitor the price of gold.

1). It is uncorrelated with other assets

Gold is generally uncorrelated with the stock market. Therefore, the asset makes an excellent hedge in case of a bear market inequities. 

2). It can move other markets

The price of gold can also be instrumental in the movement of other assets. For instance, a rise in the price of gold can lead to a rise in the price of silver. 

3). It has a $11 trillion market value 

The gold market is huge. It is larger than any company in the world and it is watched by millions of investors. 

Setting Up Gold Price Alerts 

If you are looking to purchase or sell gold, then you may want to set up alerts when the price of gold hits a certain point. The good news is that there are a number of ways that you can do this. Many brokers offer alerts that can be sent to you by text or email when gold hits a certain price. You can also set an alert on Google and Yahoo! 

Knowing The Price of Gold 24 Hours a Day 

Gold is one of the world’s most important assets. Therefore, you should stay on top of its daily price movements. Be sure to keep checking the Allegiance Gold website or any other news source that can provide up to the second prices for the price of gold.  With the future of the price of gold looking very bright, now is the time to consider a gold investment.

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