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The Price Of Gold May Soon Be Increasing…Again

If you have an invested in gold or have a precious portfolio already, then you may be in luck with what analysts are predicting for what is to happen with gold.  In 2020, gold embodied it’s mantra as being a safe-haven asset for investors as the price of gold soared to $2,075 per ounce.  Those who invested in gold at the start of 2020, received a great ROI when gold jumped to a new price per ounce record.  Entering the year 2021, gold did fluctuate in price due to the predictions of a market recovery, and a new President at the helm.  But as of August 2021, gold has been stable at above the $1,800 price per ounce point which has made inventors flock towards the precious metal again.  Gold has consistently climbed in price per ounce through 2021, and now analysts are predicting bigger climbs in price per ounce in the next 3-5 years.  Within the next 3-5 years gold may climb to $3,000 or even $5,000 per ounce.  Those who have rolled over their retirement account in a gold IRA will soon be receiving an outstanding ROI with the price of gold soaring.

What is the reasoning behind this prediction?  With the Federal Reserve scaling back on buying bonds and taking on more risks, and the Central Banks printing more money in hopes of solving problems; it is only leaving more doubt and uncertainty within markets for investors.  With gold being disconnected from the Treasury and real yields, it only grows the price per ounce for the yellow metal.  The excessive money printing by the Central Banks is not supported or backed by gold meaning it is nothing but fiat currency.  This is the ultimate contributing factor that gold has to reaching new heights.  With inflation rapidly rising, and yields at a record low, owning physical gold would be an ideal investment as gold may breach the $1,850-$1,875 point by year’s end.  While optimists will have their opinion on the price of gold declining tremendously by year 2022, the Federal Reserve and Central Bank system show no mercy in stopping the printing of money.

In 3-5 years, where will our economy be?  Will we be past the rebuilding phase after the global pandemic?  Or will we still be printing excess amounts of money to get us out of the ongoing debt we have been accruing?  While the future of our economy may be uncertain, one topic that will be trending in 3-5 years will definitely be gold.  In unpredictable times, such as times we are currently living in, gold will always be the safe-haven asset that helps protect wealth.  The best solution may be investing in gold at this very moment.  When and if gold gets to the $3,000-$5,000 price per ounce point, many investors will be safeguarded by what gold can do to an investment portfolio.  One thing is for sure, the executives at Allegiance Gold can help educate on why gold will increase in value in due time.  We study the precious metals market in order to deliver the best investment options possible so you can protect your financial future.  Make sure to ask us for a FREE gold IRA guide when you contact us.  The executives at Allegiance Gold can help you preserve your wealth today by investing in gold.

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