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With bonds, yields, and the dollar rising it can only mean one thing for the most valuable precious metal, gold will slip.  In the wake of bonds and our currency rising, gold slipped to $1,775 per ounce at the end of this week.  With the traction that gold was making over the past 2 weeks, experts were predicting another breakthrough with gold surpassing the $1,800 price per ounce barrier.  With the way that Biden’s tax plan is set up, the rise in bonds and yields is not surprising but can have some long-term instability which will then make gold once again rise tremendously.  The year 2021 has become a year of hope for many investors, and hope that the world will once again return to a sense of normal.  With so many changes happening in the economy, yet alone investments, it is only right to seek out help and guidance in these unprecedented financial times.  Allegiance Gold’s executives have been educating investors on the true value of diversifying a portfolio.  Precious metal investments have been on the rise and may continue to rise over time.  Contact our team today to learn more and gain the financial insight you may be missing.

In the year 2020, gold rallied and gained so much momentum that it broke records all across the board.  With bonds, yields, and now the dollar rising, gold has started to slip and will continue to slip in the short term.  Most investors who invested in gold and other precious metals have seen an incremental climb in their portfolios over the past year.  The downside of gold slipping now is another great opportunity for investors to invest in gold while it has come down in price per ounce.  Who knows where the market will be in a year’s time, and gold could be way past the $2,000 price per ounce threshold.

Other precious metals like platinum and palladium have been performing rather well in the wake of the dollar rising.  Since the economy has slightly opened itself back up, silver has been making rises due to the demand for industrial usage.  While gold has been the frontrunner for precious metals, the time to diversify and act on other precious metals climbing may be now.

The thought of retirement with the value of a dollar that is starting to increase again can be intimidating for most retirees.  With ongoing research and education, Allegiance Gold has the executives that can help you better understand the precious metal market and diversify your portfolio.  Precious metals like gold have been claimed to be the “ultimate hedge against inflation”, and we can show you why.  For a FREE Gold IRA Guide, contact our team today at (844) 790-9191.  

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